Mountain Valley Home Inspection has the experience you can trust for your home inspection and pest control needs.


The primary aim our home inspection is to help you better understand the condition of the property that your investing in.

Our home inspectors will perform a comprehensive visual examination of the physical structure and systems of the home on both the interior and exterior.

We will answer any questions you have during the process and provide information on how these systems operate.                                                 

- First Time Homeowner Friendly
- 11th month home inspections
- pre-listing inspections
- home warranty inspections
- home protection 90 day guarantee   
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We believe in the quality of our work that we are willing to back it with a FREE 120 Day Warranty protection Plan from Complete Protection
Between our inspection and the Complete Protection (CP) 120-day service plan, you can move forward without worrying about an unexpected repair  bill or a major appliance replacement.

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